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Get a sneak peek into my mind as I journey through life. This is a space where I jot down random thoughts and try to make sense of the chaos all around me. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

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My office organized a virtual paint night this week. What an interesting event. We all got together on MS Teams and switched on our videos. The instructor guided us through the process of painting a particular picture on a canvas using two paintbrushes and a few containers of acrylic paint. I must admit, it wasContinue reading “Paint”


When you hear the word “shroud” what do you typically think of? What is the imagery that your brain pulls up the moment this word enters your consciousness? Do you always think of a dead person wrapped in a white piece of cloth? I do, because I grew up in a society where this wordContinue reading “Shroud”

Poison was the cure

Depression is a real disease. At a depressed state, people do not have the will do get up from bed, and they do not have the ability to talk to someone about their situation. If you happen to notice signs of depression within yourself, get professional help. If you notice your loved ones suffering fromContinue reading “Poison was the cure”

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