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Rambling Enthusiast

Get a sneak peek into my mind as I journey through life. This is a space where I jot down random thoughts and try to make sense of the chaos all around me. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

Latest from the Blog

Utsav (The Celebration)

It is a Saturday night and I am winding down and looking for something that I will enjoy without exercising my brain too much. In these situations, I always enjoy something in Bengali. I may be more comfortable conversing in English (or in a mix of English and Bengali) and I am definitely more comfortableContinue reading “Utsav (The Celebration)”

Rabindranath Tagore

I do not claim to be a Tagore connoisseur in any way. Pantera has always been more interesting to me than Phule Phule Dhole Dhole, GnR has always scored over Gitobitan. That said, I am a Bengali and Tagore is in my blood and in my upbringing. You cannot grow up in a middle-class homeContinue reading “Rabindranath Tagore”

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